Meet my Snowman Family!

When I wake up to a thermostat of negative fifteen, I know it's a good day to put off my run for the sake of baking. The snow looks oh so pretty outside, so I have decided that is how I would like to keep it... outside, where I won't have to touch it. I love making snowmen and this is simply a warmer way of doing it...

This cute little family comes from the genius book, Hello, Cupcake! Check it out if you haven't yet, you'll be happy you did.

Meet papa snowman, like his tie? I do. I was given a hard time by some family members who were watching these guys come alive though... I bought a whole bag of regular Oreo and a whole bag of mini Oreo only to use one from each bag for his top hat... but I personally love having leftovers!

This is mama snowman... well, snow-woman. I loove her apron and ear-muffs, they turned out so well (the apron is even tied in a bow on the back!). I used fruity tootsie rolls for everything except the strawberry Runt for the heart-shaped broach on her chest and a grape runt split in half for the ear-muffs. Love it!

My favorite one of them all... baby snowman, or snowboy. Yes, he has a pink scarf. That too is made of fruity tootsie rolls. The hat was by far my biggest struggle with this little family. I fussed over it way too much and ended up with nothing more than a sticky situation. I finally mastered it though, five fruit tootsies later.