Welcome to BlueOrchid!

This blog began back in May 2009 when I decided that I couldn't stand the fact that I was so passionate about opening my own bakery but, still being a college student, I was lacking the funding to do so.  When I started this blog it was my intention to, through an extensive trial and error process, design a menu for my "someday bakery".  I wasn't quite sure what would become of this blog when I first hit that "publish" button but I did know that my passion for local foods and making everything from scratch would continue to grow as I continued to learn and evolve my own recipes.

I do not yet have my own bakery but am excited about where this blog will take me and what the future may hold.  Until then I hope that you will join me for the ride - it's bound to be a bumpy one but what fairy tale doesn't have a happy ending?  

A little about the author: 
I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin where gardening, canning, and freezing mass quantities of food was just an ordinary summer to-do.  Aside from all of the cooking and baking I grew up learning to love, I also became accustom to DIY tactics and hard work.  Lots of hard work... and sweat.  Lots of that too.  After leaving the farm to go to Luther College (in Decorah, Iowa) I realized that living sustainably on the farm was something rare and began to treasure the fact that knowing where my food comes from and appreciating/ preserving the beauty of the land was something I grew up with.

I competed as a cross country and track athlete while attending Luther College and ultimately graduated as a Health and Environmental Studies student in May 2011.  Now that I have graduated from college, I am more dedicated to this [blog] expedition than ever.  

While this blog began as and continues to be a learning experience for me, I hope that you are all able to learn something from my expeditions.  I promise that I will continue to deliver new ideas, recipes, and humor; all made from scratch, all local, all delicious.  

Please feel free to contact me for any reason, I love hearing from my readers!  

Happy reading/ baking/ gardening!
Yours truly,