Happy Mother's Day, It's Cake Bite Time!

This weekend I made a lot of food: my grandma's butter rolls, a summery fruit salad (mmm kiwi and mango!), locally grown steak marinated with teriyaki and ginger, and homemade ice cream! I made cake bites as the kick-off to this whole food festival. A cake bite is similar to a cake pop but isn't on a stick. It's like a truffle but is made of cake and covered in a candy coating. Like cake pops, a cake bite can be shaped into anything from a simple ball to looking like an apple, flower, duck, you name it!

For these bites, the balls were again made of crumbled cake and frosting. To make the ridges around the bottom half like a real cupcake, I poured melted cocoa candy coating into a mold that looks like a mini peanut butter cup. After pouring the candy coating into the molds, I placed the previously formed and cooled cake balls on top of the wet candy melt...

After placing the tray into the freezer for a couple minutes to let the candy melts harden, voila!

After forming the mini cupcake bottom for these cake bites, it was time to add some color! Remember the orchid purple from my basic cake pops? Well... deja vu!

This part was a bit tricky, you have to hold onto the chocolate bottom and dunk the top half of the cake bite into the melted purple candy melts. This wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that the cocoa candy melt will start melting under your fingers... which means no more cocoa candy ridges for you! Instead, as suggested in Cake Pops (where you can get the full details of this recipe), if you wear cloth candy gloves the ridges will be A-Ok. Unfortunately, these gloves are on my wishlist and therefore... I became a wickedly fast cake bite dipper!

My transition from the purple to the cocoa candy melts wasn't the smoothest but...

The cake bites were still irresistible!

Now I realize I promised that I would make fondant this weekend, but one thing led to another and... well, you will hear about my fondant expedition by the end of this coming week! (ohh the suspense!)

Happy Mother's Day!!


Brandon said...

The cupcake bites were delicious and disappeared in a flash with my brother and I eating them. Can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

They look very yummy! All your stuff does!:)

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