Retaliation of the Raspberry Macaroons

It has been my priority to only provide well-produced, delicious recipes and lately, I have come across a lot of duds. I'm not talking about a dud where the chocolate chip cookie recipe doesn't turn out moist enough... I'm talking full-blown recipes, crumpled and in the trash, kinda duds.

Yes I have been busy and limited on time just like anybody else, but I have also just been having the worst luck. I keep making things which turn out to be such total flops that I am too ashamed to even write about them. Take this past week for example: I was making raspberry macaroons. They were going to be super tasty, pretty, and cute... man were they gonna be cute! Well, when I went to take these macaroons out of the oven, they deflated!! I had macaroon pancakes. Not good. I had even hand-whipped the egg yolks for 15 minutes (my arm muscles were actually sore the next day! Pathetic huh?!).

Yes, I was so sad about the deflation of my macaroons that I didn't even make the ganache filling. That ganache however, was going to be d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. I had planned on putting real raspberries in that ganache. I didn't make the ganache however, and the raspberries ended up sitting in the fridge. I kept telling myself that I would try the macaroon recipe again, but stubbornness got the best of me.

So I now have fuzzy raspberries sitting stubbornly in my refrigerator and that is the story. That is where I have been. The raspberries and I are having a stand-off. Every time I open the fridge, I imagine those raspberries furrowing their fuzzy little eyebrows, crossing their fuzzy little arms, and just glaring at me. I don't like those raspberries. Not one bit.

No worries though, things will improve soon, they have to - fall is coming up and fall means pumpkin pie... hallelujah, something that can't go wrong! There is no way that those raspberries will get in the way of my pumpkin pie. Nooo sir-eee. Besides that, my obsessive retaliation against germs will convince me to put those raspberries in their rightful place (i.e. the compost bin) soon enough.

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